Information on updating older versions Seditio to the latest version 175th
Submitted by: Amro   Date: 22-12-14 19:35

Upgrate your version to the latest Seditio better to make on the local server, eg WampServer (, Denwer (, Winginx ( or Open Server (

Stages of upgrade:

1)  Make a backup of your existing site and its database.

2)  Create a local host (local domain) on your PC, for example seditio.local, on the local server.

3)  Unpack the release Seditio 175, a local host (a folder)

eg /home/seditio.local/www/(here)

4) Copy and replace the folder from a backup of your site the following folders and files:

/datas/ including all subfolders and files (except * .php script files)
/plugins/ your old plugins (copy only those plugins that are not in the standard release Seditio 175)
/skins/ your old skins (copy your skins)

5) Install the old database to the local server.

6) Go to the /docs/upgrade/, then unpack and put it in the root of the site file: upgrade-seditio1xx-to-seditio175.php

7) Go to the folder /datas/ and rename config.default.php to config.php

8) Open the config.php and configure the connection to your "old", the local database.

For versions use BBCode (v101-150), mode of operation, leave bbcode: $cfg['textmode'] = 'bbcode';
For versions, may use HTML (v165-173), see your old config.php file from backup, and set 'bbcode' or 'html'.

9) Open your browser http: //seditio.local/upgrade-seditio1xx-to-seditio175.php

In the first stage you will be asked convert your database in UTF-8 encoding.
If the database you are already in UTF-8 (since v130) then you can skip this step and proceed to the next step.

The upgrade script will automatically detect the current version of SQL database and build steps upgrade to PHP scripts.
This upgrade tool can be successfully used for renovation for example Seditio 110 to version 150, 170, 171, etc.

Warning! Upgrade script independently disable all your old plugins, if the version of SQL database < 171!

10) Add new tags in the TPL files of your old skin.

As a basis we can take the  default skin Simple and compare all the TPL files and their contents from your old TPL files.

Pay attention to the CSS styles for modal windows, paging, tabs and etc. see simple.css

Warning! If tpl skin files you do not have a UTF-8 then you need to convert them.
This can be done by the editor Notepad ++ or PSPad and etc.
Exactly the same procedure is necessary to conduct and with your old plugins, especially with the lang files!

However, the best option would be to take all the skin from the default 175 release and compare the presence of tags in your tpl files.

Do not forget to update and lang files of your old skin.

After the above steps you need to make sure the site works fine in BBCode mode, and all the BBCode tags normal parsed.

If you have to make changes in the BBCode parsing, you need to change the standard rules of parsing through the tool "Parser management".

Once you will achieve full compliance in the site will be to move to HTML mode if you need it!

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