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Yes, Physical Education must be a compulsory unit for the students in schools. It is because it provides them many advantages. Physical Education teaches kids that being strong and active could be amusing. The only issue with Physical Education is that children hardly learn the correct manners to lift the weights. The main purpose of physical education is to teach the students that they need to do hard work in getting things which they desire to have in their lives. Physical Education teaches students not only how to be healthy and strong, but also how to maintain good health. It will help them to live a healthy and prosperous life.

In order to keep students fit and healthy, some physical education teachers conduct some activities during the period such as dogging ball. They believe that this game proves to be a very healthy exercise for the students and helps them to lose weight and muscle gain which is highly favorable for them. It has been found in many studies that there is a positive relationship exists in between physical education and academic learning of students. If the students are fit so they can be able to concentrate well on their studies during lectures in school.

The physical education part will be the most effective element of the health of students. They would pass through various exercises and also written down some useful notes on some impact of different exercises in sense of calories, carbs, impact on the growth of muscles and the entire impact on mind and body. They would also get proper education about the hazards in several sports alongside the advantages in sense of calories, carbohydrates and coordination expertise.  The physical education course plays a vital role in keeping students healthy and active. It helps them to focus more on their studies and they will never need to purchase an assignment to pass the examinations. Many people believe that students are unable to solve their assignments after returning from home because they feel lazy and tired. Due to these, they will not be able to do their assignments by their own and they prefer to purchase ready-made assignments from best essays — australian essay providing them. Conclusively, it can be said that yes Physical Education should be a compulsory subject for the students in schools all over the world.  


In schools even in higher level physical education should be compulsory because without this students cannot live healthy live and keep remain frustrated and tensed about their education physical education like sports give them lots of benefits they learn team work and think out of the box for winning and not everyone wins anything always they lose sometimes and with this experience they learn many things according to coursework writing help online students take actively part in this physical education so institutes must add one subject related to this.