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Biogenix RX any of these products available. Look at the potential side effects. Examine the company for which you intend to make a purchase from. The   pill is certainly not the only product on the market that could be potentially tainted or ineffective. Remember that the  pill is not effective if you do not follow a healthy  and exercise program. Nor are any other  pills, over-the-counter or pharmaceutical. If you are looking for something that will help you lose with little or no effort, keep looking. A miracle in a bottle has yet to be found. cept behind. Some body  attest that training and   lowtheir appetite.  As such, they don't crave for food as much as they used to. And this is important in losing. The lesser the instances of hunger, the lesser food you eat. The lesser food you eat, the faster you lose. Men and women who want to lose fast and build washboard abs, slender limbs, and thin waistline should consider bodybuilding seriously. Not only.