World Of Warcraft Classic Develops Internal Testing To Relief Fr
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Since the release of World of Warcraft Classic last summer, countless players trying to get online at once have overloaded the servers, and Blizzard has not solved it well causing a considerable number of players long queue when entering the game, which also proves that Classic, the similar game with the one 15 years ago has well accepted by players.

After players complained about the long queue, Blizzard finally responded and provided a solution.

As World of Warcraft Classic is a very popular game, and countless players pour into the servers every day, but it is not perfect, there are still some tiny issues, of which the most important is the server issue.

According to a WOW Classic player, when logging into the US East PvP server, he waited for more than two hours before entering on a Friday night, and this is also very common in other servers of WOW Classic.

There are 15 US West servers and 20 US East servers in WOW Classic, which are enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of online players, so it led to long queues while playing.
In order to relief from long queues, Blizzard is developing internal testing to ensure that players can play WOW Classic on their preferred realms without having to make an appointment and keeping disconnected at any point.

From an interview, the developer revealed that after internal testing, Blizzard will release something to relief from the queues in both the Americas and EU, this is expected to happen as soon as possible, as at the unique period, people are more willing to stay indoors and play games, so repairing the server issue seems to be urgent to be solved.

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