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About the Flash
The Flash is a science fiction television series produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. The story follows the protagonist Barry Allen, who is struck by lightning during an accident at a particle accelerator and becomes the superhero the Flash to fight crime with the help of the S.T.A.R. lab.
When Barry was 11, his mother was murdered and his father was put in prison as the murderer. He saw everything in the flash of lightning and grew up to become a CSI detective keen to track down urban legends. Barry was accidentally struck by lightning generated by the accelerator. After nine months in a coma, he achieved amazing speed. When the dark forces invade the world, Barry decides to protect the city, save humanity, and find the real killer of his mother.
The Flash is a very popular hero in every Marvel comics lover. If you want to know how to do cosplay about the Flash well, then you need to know something equally important.
Playing a personality from the Flash isn't that simple. You need to understand the type of comic character you play, and when it comes to popular cosplay costumes, it will definitely be a bit difficult for you, but you can always win the role-playing battle.
If you want to have a good cosplay experience, you need to know some details before you do cosplay. For example, what issues need to be paid attention to in costume you need, where to get good costume, and so on.
Costumes of the Flash
Barry himself made a set of bright red tights with lightning stripes on his waist and small golden wings on his ears. He can usually compress into a ring and open the uniform if necessary.
A red top with a huge yellow lightning pattern, blue skinny jeans, a metal dish hat with flying wings, and a flying wing on the red running shoes. There is a belt, it is a flash wearing a non-sleeve tights.
Red metal one-piece tights with a single-fold yellow lightning pattern on the chest, a yellow lightning pattern around the elbows, a yellow lightning pattern at the waist, a yellow butt, and a streamlined ornament on the outside. There are black or gold lines on the body structure line.
In the part with Professor Zoom, the costume is the opposite color with the Professor Zoom’s, the red metal body tights, the yellow lightning pattern with a single fold on the chest, the background color of the lightning pattern changed from white to red, and the body has a gold-thick metal structure line. The face of the mask is gold, the yellow lightning pattern is reversed at the waist, yellow boots, and streamlined decorations outside the ear. (This style is only used in the part, after defeating Thawne, it has restored the original shape of N52)
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