Bug :Consecutive posts
Status :Validated
Severity :Major
Reporter :Kaan 15-03-15 20:55
Updated by :Amro 21-04-15 11:10
Version :175
Frequency :Consistently
Fixed in :
Details :

frequent pressure to page messages are sent multiple threads in a row

Items affected :page.add,forums.newtopic,pm.send,newcomments

History and comments :

11-05-20 22:16   sccrossinweld

11-05-20 22:16   sccrossinweld

07-05-20 18:46   Breana

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31-03-20 04:32   sccrossinweld

31-03-20 04:32   sccrossinweld

03-03-20 04:57   ajjustin

In IT, a bug refers to an error, fault, or flaw in any computer program or a hardware system. A bug produces unexpected results or causes a system to behave unexpectedly. In short it is any behavior or result that a program or system gets but it was not designed to do.
Please fix this bug, it annoys me.
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01-01-20 14:17   Chris889

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01-01-20 14:01   ManuelR

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01-01-20 14:00   ManuelR

26-12-19 08:17   bobbybrooks16824

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26-11-19 12:34   sccrossinweld

26-11-19 12:34   sccrossinweld

30-10-19 19:01   sccrossinweld

30-10-19 19:01   sccrossinweld

08-02-19 22:40   sccrossinweld

08-02-19 22:40   sccrossinweld

12-09-18 21:58   sccrossinweld

12-09-18 21:58   sccrossinweld

10-07-15 09:23   sibirjak