Latest release, fixes and changes for Seditio version 175
Submitted by: Amro   Date: 23-11-14 18:55

After a long work on improving their websites and implement improvements in the distribution Seditio, are pleased to present you to a breakpoint in the form of Build Seditio 175!

List of changes and improvements:

General, Global

  • 3 new skins in the box
  • Introduction of SEF URLs
  • Ajax support in the core
  • Implementing modal windows instead of the standard Popup
  • Maintenance mode
  • Improvements in the installer
  • Improvements in pagination functions
  • Support for https://
  • Canonical urls
  • SEO functionality


  • Improvements in the mechanism of generation of cookies and sessions
  • Coloring user groups


  • Cloning pages
  • The connected simple standalone plugins without a separate template in the body of the page
  • Modal windows for PFS
  • Tabs for forms to add / edit pages
  • SEO: New fields title, meta description, meta keywords
  • In edit mode, the page became possible validation and removal of the publication.

Lists pages

  • New field structure_text - category text


  • Quoting comments


  • CKeditor 4.2.1
  • Skineditor + Codemirror
  • Modification plugin Recentitems
  • Improved in Textboxer2 editor
  • A new type of plugin hook c ajx for AJAX
  • Textboxer 3


  • Saving png transparency when generating thumbnails
  • Built-in viewing images in a modal window
  • introduction tabs


  • introduction tabs


  • Fix bug with quoting posts


  • Correction over 60 different bugs and many minor improvements, look at the tracker and github

Upgrade information sed1xx to sed175 is available here

Download: Seditio 175
Filesize: 2602KB, downloaded 54975 times.

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