Birthday / age update

Cannot update birthdate or show user age

Hmm, i was reordering forums.posts.tpl and ive returned «age» under posters but nothing shows up. 
I went to my profile on the page and i cant change the birth age, it wont save ?

Is it possible that its disabled somwhere and i cant find it  ?

v. 125

i didint update seditio as i am waiting for 175 is finished 

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This problem is found on this website or on your v125?

{USERS_PROFILE_BIRTHDATE}  present in users users.profile.tpl and {FORUMS_POSTS_ROW_AGE} in forums.posts.tpl?


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It is on my 125

i cannot update my birthday in profile, it wont save the date.
strange, and yes, i have both tags in proper places.


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Problem solved, wrong settings in mysql....
you can delete post.