Seditio 172

04-10-12 23:28
Seditio 172

List of changes

  1. Updated system storing passwords and generate cookies.
  2. Full duplex: HTML Mode or BBCode Mode to choose from when installing the system (all the functionality BBCode mode is returned as a 130/150 versions).
  3. Organization of subforums.
  4. The ability to output in sections labeled "group" of the sub-pages.
  5. The inclusion of the admin panel display / hide comments on the pages.
  6. Time pattern and transliteration of names for file uploads.
  7. Minor changes and improvements to the core and plugins.
  8. Added sql files for manual installation. (HTML Mode)
  9. Upgraded plugin password recovery is now available as an option, you can choose a new password generation and sending it to the e-mail user.
  10. All string functions are replaced by mb_string analogs to work properly with UTF-8.

See a list of all the changes on the tracker.

Upgrading from version 171.

1. Upload all the files to your host

  • Replace all the PHP files in the / system /, / skins /, / plugins /, / datas / including all subdirectories.
  • Replace all the PHP files in the root directory of the site - root /

2. Rename /datas/config.default.php in config.php and adjust.

If necessary, set the secret key by:

$cfg['site_secret'] = '';

3. Open phpmyadmin (or db utility for working with MySQL) and perform queries in the file /docs/upgrade/seditio_1xx_to_seditio_172.sql

4. Log in and go to the administration panel http://yourdomain/admin.php

5. Click on the link to update your database.

6. Make changes to the files on your skin

  • In the css file to add a new class .subforums
  • In the folder /skins/nameofskin/img/system/subforums.gif
  • In skins added new tags and blocks to implement sub-forums, and see forums.sections.tpl forums.topics.tpl of the skins by default.

Upgrading the 130 and 150 versions

How to Upgrade the same as for the 171 version, the only thing before you upgrade you need to prepare the database:

  • Be sure to disable all plugins!
  • Make sure that your database is encoded in UTF-8.

After the upgrade, if necessary, update your old plug-ins took their analogs here. (as long as they are few, but we are constantly working on their addition and adaptation).


Download : Seditio 172
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Antony 05-10-12 01:44

Это надо отметить))) 


Правка комента, тест

kane 06-10-12 14:11

Ура! :)

MecTruy 08-10-12 16:10

Good pack !!

Antony 16-10-12 00:43

о, офигенчик, работает шарманка)))

spammer 12-02-14 15:47

Работал раньше на сайте но убрал из за окончания поддержки, почему не обновляете?