Seditio 178 Vivat!!!

11-06-22 16:00
Seditio 178 Vivat!!!
The latest version of Seditio was released back in 2014.

All this time we did not stop working on the project. We ran our websites, made orders for clients and gradually accumulated a package of improvements.

And so it appeared, at first the 177th version on the github, which never came out as a release, and then the 178th version, which I released today.

What's new:

  • New Responsive Sympfy Skin
  • Separate skin for admin panel
  • Breadcrumbs for all parts of the kernel
  • PHP 7.4 support
  • Completely removed BBcode functionality , now only HTML mode, in collaboration with Jevix typographer
  • New module "Directories and extrafields" for adding extrafields . (so far for Page)
  • XML Sitemap
  • New functions for generating thumbnails (crop & resize) on the fly and using them in tpl files. {THUMB_FILENAME_TAG|crop_image(%s, 800, 600)}   {THUMB_FILENAME_TAG|resize_image(%s, 800, 600)}
  • Functions for generating Captcha + new plugin Sedcaptcha
  • Updated Ckeditor and a new model for connecting on the fly to text fields via the data-editor attribute (data-editor="Micro", data-editor="Medium", data-editor="Extended")  <textarea name="newpagetext" data- editor="Extended">
  • New Uploader plugin for attaching thumbnails to website pages.
  • New module for creating menus on the Menu Manager website
  • New slider plugin for homepage
  • New plugin Otherpages
  • SEO Improvements
  • Autogenerate alias with transliteration from page title
  • New planin for sending mail via Smtp

+ more than 100 fixes and minor improvements. 

Download : Seditio 178 Vivat!!!
Size: 7232KB, downloaded 1746 times


Antony 15-06-22 23:28

Это монументальный рывок :satisfied 

Ребята, качайте, тестируйте, задавайте вопросы


А смайлы в коментах парсятся? :) :wink 8) :D

sibirjak 30-11-22 06:29

Супер! Спасибо огромное! Я ждал этого столько лет, уже даже и перестал надеяться! :) Отлично, сейчас затестируем!