— Auto-installation (you can still run the SQL yourself if you want to).
— Auto-upgrader (build 130 can self-upgrade from a 125 or 126, not from an older version).
— 3 new skins (8 years, Iridium, Clouds).
— The Xtemplate library (skins) is back as a separate file.
— New version of the Xtemplate library (full backward compatibility).
— New option to preset the country for the new members.
— New plugin «Contact», thats the old plugin «Contact Us» skinnable and rebuilt.
— New plugin «Self-Check», to check the system files versions.
— Plugin «Parser Manager» provided (but not installed by default).
— Improved popups for the [thumb] BBcodes, centered and fitted to the images.
— List of allowed extensions made shorter in the PFS.
— Fixed the style of the columns for the folders in the PFS.
— Added icons for the configuration groups.
— Improved layout for the validation queues
— Default expiration date for new pages is set to 1st january 2029.
— The validation warning moved to the top of the admin panel.
— New admin tool «Syscheck», that will check the system files.
— New column in admin panel, plugins, for the version.
— added the connection identifier for mysql_connect/close.

More details on the History page here.
— The bug fixes and enhancements are detailled in the Project tracker.

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