Seditio 100 final, 10-mar-2006 :

— Added the titles of the standalone plugins in the browser bar.
— Removed the [link] BBcodes from the Textboxer 2 (by Critical)
— Removed some useless javascript in the function sed_javascript().
— Replaced «MB» by «KB» in the page download block.
— Fixed and removed the special categories «all» and «system».
— Fixed the missing auth line in (by Hogdes)
— Fixed the & nbsp in the forums home when there's no posts.
— Fixed the missing block for the downloads in page.tpl
— Fixed issues with the creation of forums or categories with no title.
— Fixed permissions of the default groups not being properlly set for a new category or a new forum.
— Fixed the order of Scotland and England in the list of countries (by Hodges).
— Fixed the outdated generator meta tag (by Hodges).
— Fixed the non-XHTML tags in the template engine (by Hodges).
— Fixed the invisible guests on some platforms (by Travishawkins).
— Fixed the weird links if there's no category set for a forum.
— Fixed the Site File Space (a shared PFS for the administrators).
— Fixed some typos and bad links in the installation manual.

Beta 03-mar-2006 :

— Added an option to hide a group from the public viewing (SQL script).
— Swapped the sql_close and the buffer flush in footer.php 
— Replaced some select boxes by radio buttons in the admin panel.
— Removed the upgrade tool from the default package.
— Fixed the «disable_...» typos in the search plugin 
— Fixed many typos about «disable_...» in several files
— Fixed the missing icons in the textboxer on the new installations.
— Fixed the timezone for guest not working.
— Fixed the search plugin not displaying the categories.
— Fixed a bug with the sed_import() if the value filtered is zero.

Beta 23-feb-2006 :

— Fixed the broken activation of the new accounts.
— Fixed the email not sent when manually activating an account.
— Fixed the IP of the posters in comments not displayed for admins.
— Added 4 new tags in
— Added 1 new tag for the file icon in
— Changed the numbering of the comments (1,2,3 instead of the SQL number).
— Hardened the handling of the referers and the internal log.

Beta 20-feb-2006 :

— Fixed the missing display of the owner in pages and lists.
— Fixed the upgrade tool so the page owners aren't lost in the process.
— Fixed some impportant issues when changing the code of an existing category.
— It's now no longer possible to delete a non-empty category.
— It's now no longer possible to change the code of an existing category.
— Added the count of pages in the structure display.
— Added the BBcode [group=][/group].
— Removed the BBcode [link].

Beta 9-feb-2006 :

— Deleted the functions sed_stripslashes() and sed_addslashes(), useless now.
— Deleted the line avout «dtree.js» in header.tpl
— Fixed the duplicate number of the comments in comments.tpl
— Fixed the wrong URL to the user profile in passrecover.en.lang.php
— Fixed the errors when sorting by main group in the list of users.
— Fixed the bug with the alias in pages.
— Fixed the language not updating in
— Fixed the logger recording wrong falses for empty variables.
— Fixed the missing hooks in comments and ratings.
— Fixed an error message with dates under Win32 platforms.
— Fixed many weirdnesses in all users.*.inc
— Fixed the read/write/admin rights of the administration panel.
— Fixed many details in the administration panel.
— Fixed the empty user names.
— Removed the write and admin rights for the pre-set group 'moderators'.

Beta 14-feb-2006 :

— Fully rewrote the import of the GPC variable, new function sed_import() and sed_sql_prep().
— This is breaking the compatibility with all the plugins. sed_cv() must be replaced by sed_import(), and all the SQL inserts secured with a sed_sql_prep().
— Tweaked the upgrade tool so it basically converts the weblogs, links, events and news.
— Fixed the validation/unvalidation links.
— Fixed the SQL script that creates the new database.
— Many minor fixes.

Beta 08-feb-2006 :

— system/users/…: Fixed the broken activation of the new members.

Beta 07-feb-2006 :

— plugins/whosonline/whosonline.php: Fixed the main group of the members
— system/core/pfs/ Fixed the error about sed_getrights()
— plugins/code/tb2preview.php: Fixed the message «Wrong URL.»
— system/functions.php: Improved the function sed_cv()
— system/users/ Fixed the activation of the user.
— system/pfs/ Fixed the access denied error.
— system/…: Added the button to delete a group.
— system/…: Fixed the missing auth lines when adding or deleting a category.
— Upgrade tool: Added the move of the 'system' category.

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