— Enhanced system of categories and sub-categories for the forums.
— Added an option to force a TPL file for a category.
— Added the trash can feature.
— Group changes and user deletions are not available anymore to the user admins.
— Top administrators are now protected against name and password changes from the other admins.
— Fixed the textboxer preview mode with some charsets.
— Fixed the $ sign disapearing in the textareas.
— Added a tag for the poster avatar in the news plugin.
— Added a link to submit a new page in the Administration/Pages tab.
— Added the plugin IpSearch.
— Default skin Manta replaced by Ice v110 international.
— New Cleaner plugin, now also cleans the PMs and the referers.
— Cleaned the template engine, probably few milliseconds gained ;]
— Other bug fixes and enhancements are listed in the Project tracker.

Changelog since v110RC :

— Added a lock to always disable the parsing of PHP in the body of the pages (system/core/page/page.inc.php, datas/config.php)
— Added the tag {PAGE_AVATAR} (system/core/page/page.inc.php)
— Fixed the bad order of the special topics in forums (system/core/forums.topics.inc.php)
— Tweaked the trash can so it displays 'System' in the 'Set by column' when a forum topic is auto-pruned (system/functions.php, system/core/admin/admin.trashcan.inc.php)
— Fixed the admin panel 'Other' so it doesn't display an empty trash can line (system/core/admin/admin.other.inc.php)
— Fixed a bug with the [pfs] bbcode in folder storage mode (system/core/pfs/pfs.inc.php)
— Fixed the blank page in PFS when GD isn't available (system/functions.php)
— Fixed a bug with user PFS deletion in folder storage mode (system/functions.php)
— New option when deleting an account, to remove (or not) his/her PFS files (system/core/users/users.edit.inc.php)
— Updated most of the default plugins, many tweaks and fixes (plugins/*).
— New type 'plg' for the plugins in the logger (system/core/admin/admin.log.inc.php).

Download : Seditio 110
Size: 320KB, downloaded 2957 times


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