Seditio 179
I wanted to release of Seditio 179 at the beginning of 2023. But there was no time to fix all the minor errors for stable operation of the engine on PHP versions 8.1-8.3. Therefore, the release date of the new version had to be postponed until the end of the year.

What's new in version 179 of Seditio?

  • PHP 8.1+ Support
  • Responsive admin skin Sympfy
  • New plugin Sednews
  • Many fix in RSS, Sitemap, Polls
  • Modernization of Polls
  • Skinable PFS
  • Updated CKeditor to 4.19.0 ver
  • Skinable Whosonline plugin
  • Skinable Skineditor admin tool
  • Skinable Statistics plugin
  • Skinable Passrecover plugin
  • Skinable Ipsearch plugin
  • SEO for Homepage

+ more than 50 fixes and minor improvements. 

Download : Seditio 179
Size: 5775KB, downloaded 1152 times


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